One of my first photos in my High School class

All my life I have been more intrigued and moved by images than words. As a child I would page through National Geographics and absorb the stories through the photographs and hardly read a word. So powerful were images that I could not touch a close up image of a tarantula and I held my breath while flipping through stories about deep sea creatures.
I took my first photography class as a senior in high school and loved it. I went on to art school and majored in photography, learning the technical side of composing, printing and exhibiting photographs just before the advent of digital photography.

Now I use my skills as a photographer to convey what I create in glass. Two critical and fundamental elements of both photography and glass are color and light. To capture an exquisite image and make a breathtaking glass piece, color and the interplay of light on the composition must be understood and manipulated to be successful.