The Longer the Silence” is my BFA photography exhibit at California College of Arts and Crafts (CCAC). Below are the 18 images I chose to print in large format (20″ x 24″ and 20″ x 30″) color as well as my original Artist Statement for the show. I have continued photographing subject matter that I feel expands this body of work and those images I will continue to share on this website.

  Artist Statement Dec 1998
  The Longer The Silence

I am interested in representing a psychological landscape. In this work I am using images of spaces and       elements from the landscape a signifiers for essential human experiences and emotions. The                          presentation of images in this work has been influenced by the ambiguous relationships of words and  images common in contemporary poetic writing. Working within the mode of metaphor I allow intuition  to determine what scenes and spaces I need images of and how each photograph communicates with the  others.



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